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To provide the Implant Surgeon and Public with the
latest innovative advances in the $120 billion dollar U.S. Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Care Industry via
Global Multi-Media Internet Education.

Hosted by Richard Zipnick, M.D.

The BoneZoniest
Dr. Zip's Vertebroplasty

Clinical Archives member only
We share our surgical experience by case study to aid in the selection of implant solutions. 
A selective list of not to miss speaking events around the world.
Surgical Seminars
A schedule of surgical seminars demonstrating new and innovative techniques for the surgical community.
What's new in Implant Development.
The Tech-Boards member only
An open discussion forum on Implant Technology .
Patient Education
FAQ's to address patient concerns and distribute implant information.
BoneZone Media
The complete e-commerce solution providing educational materials for the
BoneZone consumer.

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