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I have always known that
at last I would take this road
but yesterday I did not know
that it would be today...

16th century Japanese Poem?


1979 Michael & Leda moved their paintings and selves to land in rural Arizona and began the first mixed media structure later called Eliphante. They continued building and sculpting on the 3 acre environment.

In 1987 they form a non~profit (501-3c) art organization - Eliphante LTD. By word of mouth over 2,000 people have visited the site.

In 1994 Eliphante was listed with the Smithsonian's SOS (Save Outdoor Sculpture)

In 1996, with David O'Keefe and Michael Glastonbury they  began the largest sculptured structure "Pipedreams" to include the  installation of - "a painting Journey".

The Eliphante Group is available for site specific installations.


Symposium Installation

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